The Crypto Freedom Lab


The Crypto Freedom Lab Launches

The Crypto Freedom Lab is launching as a new non-profit dedicated to fighting for the rights of crypto users and builders that are being threatened by government regulation.

The Crypto Freedom Lab was launched by Professor J.W. Verret, a blockchain law professor and former advisor to the SEC and the US Congress. Here was Professor Verret confronting SEC Chairman Gensler over Gensler's abuse of digital assets while Verret served as a member of the SEC's Investor Advisory Committee.

We can fight back, we will fight back. Professor Verret has worked inside government to fight for financial freedom, he's fought the SEC and bank regulators.

We are prepared to sue regulators when we must. We will inform regulatory debates through comment letters that change rules because of our credible threat to file suit. We will inform debates in Congress.

We will build funds to provide support to individual crypto industry defendants, focused on those who are subject to overcharging by prosecutors.

We will start a program to teach immigrant families in the United States how to use crypto to remit money home cheaply and efficiently.

You can support our work through our Juicebox Funding Round and get a FIGHT token or NFT. Or purchase an NFT from our OpenSea collection Heroes Against Dystopia.

Or Donate directly at FreedomForCrypto.eth



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