Board of directors in progress

A formal announcement of members of the full initial board of directors will be released in December.

At this time initial board membership offers have been accepted by:

Jennifer J. Schulp, Director of Financial Regulation Studies at The Cato Institute

Gabriel Shapiro, General Counsel at Delphi Labs and member of the LexPunk Army

J.W. Verret, Associate Professor of Law at the George Mason Law School and Executive Director of the Crypto Freedom Lab

Dane Lund, Head DAO Architect, Alliance DAO

We have two additional board membership offers out and will provide an update to our community of supporters when we have more news.

Boards Of advisors in progress

The Crypto Freedom Lab is in process putting together volunteer Advisory Committees to advise our work. These will consist of 5-15 members with useful expertise and an interest in volunteering significant time toward our policy objectives.

We are grateful that Jason Schwartz has agreed to serve as Chairman of our Crypto Tax Policy Advisory Committee.

We will need Chairs for each advisory committee and will rely on them for a time commitment that should discourage the average crypto lawyer.

We are issuing a call for volunteers (and chairs other than tax) for the following Advisory Committees. If you are interested please hit me up on Telegram (at)cryptolawprof, on twitter (at)jwverret, or via the email link on this website, with a communication that indicates the role you want, the committee you want to serve on, and two paragraphs on how you can contribute.

1) Tax Advisory Committee

2) Privacy Advisory Committee

3) SEC DeFi Committee

4) SEC Exchange Committee

5) SEC Project Defender/Howey Committee

6) CFTC Advisory Committee

7) Bank Regulation Advisory Committee

8) UCC Advisory Committee

9) Criminal Crypto Amicus Advisory Committee

10) NFT & Intellectual Property Advisory Committee

11) State Regulation Advisory Committee